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Unscrupulous Shelters 

So I joined a new shelter group today only to find the first 3 posts stated that the dogs will all be euthanized within 2 days if no one rescues them. Unbelievable, there are thousands of (2nd) chance Shelters that are willing to help, they’re obviously in the business only to make money  💰 

Please DO NOT SUPPORT THESE TYPES OF SHELTERS, they’re too lazy to even dial a number for help or assistance. They DO NOT deserve to use the name rescue or shelter, they are really death camps, and on an equal to animal abusers. I’m fuming and all dog-lovers should feel the same. What a terrible shame. 

They need our help folks...

Roger (RLS) 🐾

Please help... Adopt a dog, after all it’s Christmas

The Christmas holiday season is upon us. This is the busiest time of the year for Rescue shelters. Let’s help our furry friends have a life changing opportunity to be part of your life...

RLS New Updates for December...

My favorite breed is Rescue

HDec 2, 2019

We’ve been getting some folks asking about “What are the cheapest days of the year to adopt”.  We’ll cut to the chase and give you the best information we found and researched. 

▪ Holidays!

Thanksgiving through Christmas are especially the best time to adopt. Most offer a steep discount. This is even true for today “Cyber Monday”. 

Don’t forget “Love Your Pet Day, Adopt-a-Dog Month, Valentine’s Day”, — we all celebrate animals on these holidays, and so do shelters and rescues by promoting special adoption deals. 

▪ Look for rehoming ads in your area

Check your local area online, local shelter or folks looking to sell their dog because of “Divorce, new baby, loss of a job, financial crisis or a death in the family are just a few of the reasons that people decide they need to rehome their pet”. Be sure to perform due diligence when searching. There are all kind of unscrupulous people out there, avoid scams or sad stories from sellers looking to dump dogs. Whatever reason they tell you, it’s probably not true. 

▪ Adopt-A-Senior Pet Month in December 

Though November is behind us, 

some shelters and rescues offer special deals throughout the month of November in honor of senior pets everywhere. 

Why purchase a Senior Dog? There are many benefits to adopting an adult or senior pet, such as bringing home a more mellow, mature animal that has probably already had some obedience training, is socialized and is already house trained. 

Also, many shelters and rescues offer a ‘Seniors for Seniors’ program year-round, where ‘senior’ animals — sometimes as young as 5 years old — can be adopted for no fee to people over age 55.”

▪ Ask your local veterinarian 

Veterinarians work with animals for a living, so they may be aware of a furry friend in need of a home. “Veterinarians sometimes end up with pets whose owners abandon them because they feel they can't pay the bills for their care. 

Sadly owners sometimes bring a pet in to be euthanized because they no longer want it, but if the veterinarian determines there is no reason to euthanize the animal because it is not suffering. Kind hearted-caregivers will take in the pet to foster it until a better home can be found. Asking around your local animal hospitals may help you find a pet looking for a forever home. 

▪ The bottom line is that every community has many wonderful animals available for adoption, many for very affordable prices. While the cost to adopt the animal might be a deal, please keep in mind that pets need training, toys, treats, food and regular veterinary care, so the money you save on adoption fees can go into offsetting your pooch’s pet's care budget. 

Since you’re saving money and choosing to save a life! It’s a win win situation. 

Thx- RLS


▪ Dog aging rule 7/1 no longer true...

As it turns out, dogs age much more rapidly than humans immediately after birth, but that aging eventually slows down. By the time a dog is two years old, their DNA is more similar to the DNA of a 40-year-old human. However, this 20-to-1 aging ratio is only true for the first couple of years, and the rate of genetic aging gradually tapers off.

Eventually, by the time a dog reaches the age of 10 human years, its DNA is most similar to that of a human nearing the age of 70. This is similar to the 7-to-1 age ratio that people often think of as “dog years,” but it’s only true if measured over a large dog’s full lifespan.

It’s also important to note that the study only looked at one breed of dog. Dogs of different sizes have different life expectancies, with larger dogs tending to live shorter lives than smaller breeds. The aging rates of different breeds could vary dramatically from Labradors, but determining that would require another round of research.


▪ What's the value of your dog's life, and why it matters. Continue reading the entire article here

Here’s a snipet...

When it comes to valuing human life, federal agencies have currently settled around values of $10 million.

Ultimately, we concluded that the value of the average dog is about $10,000.

New content added soon...

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Have fun— Enjoy!


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As promised, we’ve assembled a page where you can get some questions answered and find out more about our daily and long term goals. Please join us...

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